So, *that's* what's wrong.

... I got pressure
oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Pressure pressure I got pressure, oh yeah
I don't really want to give it to you
'Cos it's really contagious
You can pick it up anywhere
And it can be quite dangerous
You can spread it mouth to mouth
You can even get it when you're alone
Pressure - The Kinks

I'm not sure what Ray & Dave Davies were talking about when they wrote this.

I'm talking pressure in my sinus cavities and
Eustachian tube.

Or lack thereof.

Because I have infections in two of my three sinus cavities and one of my ears.

Which explains the dizziness.

And pressure.

And pain.

And lack of energy.

And bad sleep.

And sore throat.

And swollen glands.

So I'm home today on the advice of the amazingly fast doctor I saw today. He was in and out in about 5 minutes after looking into the mess that is my left ear (where I've had this flutter for about a week I tossed off as part of this summer cold I thought I had) and the plugged passageway that is both nasal passages and tapping the sinus cavities doing echo testing to see just how bad it is.

Well, it's bad.

So I'm off to bed.

I'll miss Watershed doing Cheap Trick tributes tonight at Skully's and Bullet Jones tomorrow, but am planning on Watershed at the Continent on Thursday.

Until I'm feeling better ... I'm home, resting.


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