June Roadtrip, Day 1

(Post delayed to the fact that our hotel in New Jersey didn't have wired or wireless interent. WTF year is this?)

Stop 1 in the WeAreThatFuckingCool, Inc., Summer Spectacular Roadtrip, Version 2, is complete.

We left Columbus at 10:07 a.m. on Wednesday.

We arrived in New Jersey at our hotel without making a single wrong turn thanks to Microsoft MapPoint and the lovely navigational skills of Kara. Who's awesome even on 2 hours of sleep. (She worked last night, tried to sleep, but roofers across the street had her awake waaaay too early).

So why the late start then?

Well, I had to go take a certification test.

CompTIA's Server Plus.

Which I passed.

Yay me.

So we took off. Ran into little traffic, a bit of rain, and not much else.

Except for the town that time forgot at Exit 173 off Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania.

We see signs of civilization - Pilot Station, T/A Truck Stop, Subway, McDonalds. We figured that was the place to go.

We figured wrong.

First, the bathrooms at the T/A were aptly named - Totally Awful.

Second, we go in to get a Subway Sandwich and the dude behind the counter looks at us and says, "Sorry. My bread's cooling. You'll have to wait like 20 minutes."

Um, you run a fucking subway at a truck stop on a major interstate and you're out of bread? WTF?

Third, I buy a Diet Code Red Mountain Dew from cashier-girl who was too busy on the phone to as much as say hi.

So we leave, dejected, wanting subway. And realize that there is another Subway at the Pilot Truck Stop.

So we drive under the interstate and find that it's not yet open.

So we're left with McDonads.

We pull up and get welcomed by the soothing almost-robotic sound of "Welcome to McDonald's."

I order a six-piece Chicken Nuggets.

Kara orders a McChicken.

That's all.

We pull up after listening to the robotic voice tell us our total. With difficulty. Like the programming's faulty.

And when we get there ... it's not a robot.

It's a moron.

Named Jeremey.

Who tells us they're out of McNuggets and they have to make fresh ones so we should pull up and he'll bring them out.

So it took us 5 minutes to get McNuggets.

And Jeremey's programming was faulty. I don't know what kind of people live in this town, but I think they're all related.

Anyway ... we've all had old McNuggets. That's a taste you don't forget.

When Jeremy eventually brought me the McNuggets ... they tasted old. So I don't know where the "fresh" ones he was referring to went.

Oh, and the Diet Code Red? Expired 10 days ago and tasted very stale. I think I had two drinks.

So, avoid at all costs Exit 173 off Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania.


The rest of the trip? No problems at all. Got to the club. Met Justin, who is awesome. He is the singer for Semi-Precious Weapons. We also met his Mom, who is a very cool woman.

And Justin hooked us up with the Semi-Precious Weapons CD.

And made us damn excited for their show in Columbus at Andyman's on June 23rd starting about 11:45. After Autumn Under Echoes show at ComFest, Friday, 9 p.m., Main Stage. Oh Yeah.

Glam rock in the Treehouse.

But Wednesday night was great rock at the Saint. And The Saint is a great club. It has had a bunch of cool-ass bands play there over the years. Posters on the wall were amazing.

Saw a great show by Swig Tooth.

Met a friend of Dan's.

Had a very late night breakfast at a diner.

Nearly ran over a Jewish guy in Lakewood, New Jersey.

HEY - I appreciate and respect your ability to hold on to the ancient beliefs of your Orthodox Religion, but lemme give you a tip:

When it's midnight
And it's dark
And you're wearing a black hat
And you're wearing a black overcoat
And you're wearing black pants
And you're crossing the street NOT at an illumniated crosswalk
And you're crossing the street NOT in ANY crosswalk
And you're crossing the street at the bottom of a hill

Don't make me out to be the bad guy and shake a fist at me.

Next time I'll hit you.

And take your hat.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we're bound for Cape Cod.

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