Comfest - Day 1 & 2

Well, this has been one of the most rocking weekends of MY life, and it's not over yet.

Quick (real quick) wrap up here, with videos and photos, complete with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, to follow.


Comfest. Swig Tooth.

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Amazing show. Complete show captured in video from the corner of the stage and a shit load of digital and 35mm pictures to come. If you missed this, shame on you for six weeks (that means you, Lauren and Brian).


Andyman's Treehouse. Semi-Precious Weapons.

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If you missed this show, you missed the most amazing Treehouse show since AUE on the 26th, and the second best Treehouse show of the year. And Neal Persiani is an animal on the bass. I met him at the AUE High-Five show. He was a very quiet guy. Very cool. And when I saw him on stage with SPW, he was an unbelievable presence.


Comfest. The Receiver.

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These guys rock. Period. CD should be out in July. You must get it.

Comfest. Watershed.

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Super show as always. Got rocked by the awesomeness that is Watershed. Hung out with Donnette, who we were with Friday for both shows and Saturday for Comfest. Also hung out with the lovely Michelle, who we didn't know was coming. That was a bonus.

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And if you look over my left shoulder that's Lee from Bullet Jones. Yep. We hang with rock stars. Saw a lot of Lee, and Ryan and John and Phil ... the awesomeness that is Bullet Jones. A Bullet Jones show would have totally made Comfest even better than it was. Those guys rock.


Comfest. Willie Phoenix.

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Never saw Willie before. I'm a big fan of Chicago-style blues ... but angry guitar-style blues. And rock. And Willie delivered all of it. He's on my list of guys to see again and again.

Andyman's Treehouse: Two-Cow Garage. Two words: FUCK YEAH. (No, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Nye... not Fuck Maybe. Fuck Yeah.). No pictures of Two-Cow. Was too busy rocking out.

Sunday: (yet to happen, but this is the plan):

Poison Room. Cincinnati. Semi-Precious Weapons. Because Justin is that fabulous. And we get to see Mark Nye play the bass in place of the am zing Neal Persiani.

So check back sometime next week for a complete wrap up with all the details and photos. Same Eric Time. Same Eric Channel.

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