Feeling kinda better

Well, I woke up and felt a bit better thanks to antibiotics and the 20 hours of sleep I think I got yesterday.

So I went to work to solve the world's problems.

And I put up pictures from my grandpa's 90th birthday party here.

And I had lunch and dinner with Kara.

And I helped her finish setting up her office.

And we watched UFC 40. Where Ken Shamrock got his face turned into hamburger by Tito Ortiz and beat down Rodney-King-Style for three rounds before the fight was stopped.

And since Ken has promptly forgotten the asswhipping he received that day ... he'll remember on July 8th when they fight again at UFC 61.

And I missed the ECW vs. WWE match, but made plans to go see ECW One Night Stand II with Brian.

And Thursday is Watershed at the Gathering at the Continent, so I'm practicing my Espanol:

¿Dónde está la Reunión? ¿Quiere usted la Línea Divisoria de las aguas?
(Where is the Gathering? Do you like Watershed?)

See, I'm a bi-lingual mofo. (I'm actually a bi-lingual illiterate ... that means I can't read in two different languages.)

And I'm tired.

So goodnight.

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