June Roadtrip, Day 2

Day 2 in the WeAreThatFuckingCool, Inc., Summer Spectacular Roadtrip, Version 2, is complete.

Thursday morning - Lakewood, New Jersey
7:00 woke up.

7:45 had bagels and cereal at the hotel as their "deluxe continental breakfast."

8:00 not impressed with "deluxe continental breakfast." Leave hotel.

8:15 Walking through Target checking out iPod stuff because we have time to kill before leaving because we don't want to fight rush hour traffic up the Garden State Parkway / New Jersey Turnpike heading towards New York City.

9:00 Visit Shop 'n' Save. For Snapple.

9:01 Realize Shop 'n' Save is a retirement community. Seriously. There were old people everywhere. We saw two kids. In a grocery store on a Thursday morning. TWO KIDS. With the exception of those two kids and their mothers, you could have added my age to Kara's age and we were still the youngest people shopping.

9:20 We did not see a blue-haired old lady in the parking lot. We saw a purple-haired old lady. Purple.

9:30 Trunk full of seven cases of diet lemon snapple (Hey, at 6.75 a case who can say no?), one case of diet lemonade iced tea snapple and one case of diet cranberry raspberry snapple. And our suitcases. And it all fit. I love my car.

10:14 On the Garden State Parkway heading north.

11:15 Drive past Newark Airport. Kara hates large planes in the sky, as they appear to be hovering. Kara is scared and thrilled as planes land and take off around us as we head towards the George Washington Bridge.

11:30 Realize there is not one but two blimps somewhere over the city. Why? We don't know. Kara hates blimps. For the same reason she hates planes. Things that are too big -- bigger than they should be -- fascinate and scare her simultaneously. She's scared and excited to be on a big boat going out in the big ocean to look at big mammals tomorrow. (Whales are mammals. Look it up.)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Photo by Kara

11:45 Drive by Shooting - New York City

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Photo by Kara
Noon Waiting in line at the GWB to pay our six dollars to cross.

12:15 Crossing the George Washington Bridge

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Photo by Kara

(Rest of these times are approximate)

1:15 Learned why there are two blimps over the city. The US Open Golf Championship is in town. Makes sense.

1:30 Connecticut. Waved near the Hartford exit for Michelle.

3:00 Enter Rhode Island

3:02 Leave Rhode Island (hey, it is the smallest state in the union).

4:00 Arrive in Massachusetts (Yeah, we really took an hour in Rhode Island. The above timeline is a joke.)

4:01 Greeted in Massachusetts by the remnants of Hurricane / Tropical Storm / Tropical Depression / Cloud formation Alberto.

5:00 Welcome to Cape Cod.

6:00 Arrive at our hotel in Wellfleet.

7:00 Arrive at Provincetown, Mass.

8:00 Eating Pizza made by Russians. Yummy.

8:30 Walking down McMillian Wharf looking at the ocean. Where I took the picture that's my new Desktop Wallpaper on my computer.

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8:45 Bought Kara a Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Cone ... her favorite flavor ... from the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream shop.

9:00 Shopping / Walking down Commercial Street.

9:30 Shopping at the Don't Panic store. Great shirts. Really really really funny stuff.

10:00 Taking pictures with the Pilgrim Monument in the background, under the pier (yep, low tide) and on the beach at night.
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

10:30 Checking out the shops and people of Provincetown.

11:00 Back at our hotel, ready for sleep.

Tomorrow - Stillwagen Bank & Humpback Whales (and probably some Finbacks, too) and breakfast from the Portuguese Bakery. YUMMMMMMMMMY.

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