I am Savior Faire

I am everywhere.

Quick recap, bullet-point style (in honor of Bullet Jones)

  • Woke up. (Always a good way to start your day, eh?)
  • Worked. 15 more days left. Yay me.
  • Dinner at PF Chang's with Kara, Lauren & Brian. Yum.
  • Gameworks where Kara & I beat Lauren & her dad at 4-player air hockey. Then Lauren schooled Kara, her dad Brad and two others on the Indy Racing League. Games like that give me seizures and motion sickness so I watched from the sidelines.
  • Heywood Banks at the Funny Bone. Heywood's a funnier guy than I thought. He's more than his songs.
  • The Receiver at the Ravari Room. Great show. Can't wait for their CD to come out.
  • Woke up. (Always a good way to start your day, eh?)
  • Got showered and dressed and left.
  • Went to Speedway at 161 and Cleveland for gas and coffee and a diet coke for Kara. That's where the day's first problem with morons at cash registers and broken machines happened.
  • Got some Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Yum.
  • Went to McDonald's on 161 for a diet coke. Dead soda machine.
  • Got Kara.
  • Went to McDonalds at 36/37 and I-71 for a diet coke for Kara and a breakfast sandwich for me. Took like 10 minutes in the drivethru and the dumbass girl asked me if I ordered a bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuit with only eggs. Um, no. That would be an egg biscuit.
  • Headed out to see her family for a cook-out celebrating Kara's birthday. Stopped on the way to fix her brother's computer with a memory upgrade and virus removal. Because that's how I roll. Need help with your system? Click here. I work cheap and make housecalls.
  • Went to the Columbus Art Festival to see Patty Lynn. Great show. Great voice. Great lyrics. I'll have video up later. No time this weekend.
  • Dinner at Damon's in the Arena District. And we had front-door on-street parking. In the Arena District. I know. Damon's Ribs. Yum. Monique - the waitress - dumb. Slow. Overworked. It showed in her tip. And we're normally good tippers. But when you have to go to the bar to get your own drink refills ... and you're drinking iced tea, that's bad. Bad. Black girl with flowing breasts eating outside with massive fleshive displays when she laughed? That's good (and Kara agreed, so no need to toss out ugly thoughts at me for checking out another woman's boobs. When they're that much on display, you can't help but look.)
  • Bullet Jones CD Release Party ... which requires more than bullet points.
There were four bands at Oldfield's. Bullet Jones was the headliner. With reason.

Frohman played first. They were good. Great cover of Bob Marley's Redemption Song that started off like a shitty "reproduction" cover. My take on covers is this. If you're a cover band, do covers, and do them exactly like they were done the first time. That's your job. If you're not a cover band but do a couple ... do something to them. Make it your own song. Show your originality. They did that with this song. Ever hear a punk reggae song? That's what they did with Redemption Song. And pulled it off.

Koka Kola Death Squad was next. There's more to life than Iggy Pop's Stooges album and the Sex Pistols "Never Mind The Bollocks." Really. Apparently they have to change their name to KKDS because Coca-Cola isn't happy. I guess that's all they can do. You can't squeeze blood from a turnip, you can't take money from struggline musicians, and they don't have any talent to usurp, either.

The Doggers ended the night for us. Sorry. Three boys in makeup are bad enough. One looked like he was kicked out of Green Day and wanted to steal all their gimmick at once. One looked like Scott Weiland post-herion. THEN he put on a red boa. The drummer looked like their love child. And I'm not sure exactly what their musical style is other than "nothing we liked."

So we left. In a hurry.

But we did buy the Bullet Jones CD. Twice. So Kara and I both have one. Because they're good. And talked to Ryan and Lee (vocalist and guitarist). They're good guys. Serious musicians. And worthy of your time. And I don't make that statement often. If you like all that was good about arena/classic rock mixed with all that was good about grunge and all that's good about post-punk alternative ... you'll love Bullet Jones. I do.

And the other reason we left early was we're going to Warren, Ohio, tomorrow (Sunday) for my grandfather's 90th birthday party.

And some Buena Vista chicken.

And to see everyone on my mom's side of the family ... uncle from Arizona, aunt from Texas, assorted cousins, both my sisters ... and Kara gets to meet them all in one fell swoop.

So if you see her twitching at On The Border on Monday at 7 at Easton where we celebrate her birthday ... you'll know why - she's finally met my family.

ANYWAY ... I'm out. Rocking. To Bullet Jones. Pieces of Me. Great song.

Don't forget ... Monday night, 7 p.m., On The Border at Easton for Kara's Birthday Bash, day one.

Be there. If you're local.

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