It's a roadtrip.

Because we're either insane, or thatfuckingcool, inc.

So many song lyrics ... so little time:

"Staring at the greater Americana" - Swigtooth

"I'm on my way. I don't know where I'm going" - Paul Simon

"With nothing to do but look through the passenger window" - X-Rated Cowboys

You get the point.

In case you're wondering -- yes, we are insane.

We are traveling from Columbus to Asbury Park, NJ for an Autumn Under Echoes Swigtooth show on Wednesday, June 14th, at the Saint.

Then driving to Cape Cod for whale watching and hanging out in Provincetown. (No, we're not gay, or lesbian. But thanks for asking)

Then we're driving from Cape Code to Cincinnati for an Autumn Under Echoes Swigtooth show on Saturday, June 17th, at Coopers on Main.

Then driving back home to Columbus, for, you guessed it, an Autumn Under Echoes Swigtooth show on June 18th at The High Five.

Driving Distance: 2058 miles
Time: 96 hours
Time in the Car: 34 hours, 10 minute.

Sporadic updates from the road as WiFi is available.


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