Kara's Game Night Rocked!

Game Night was cool ... ya shouldda been there. Kara did a GREAT job planning it and with the guest list, and as a first-time attendee I loved it! We had food ... Jess did a great job making it ... sorry I couldn't eat the cupcakes ... cake & sugar are not good for me. We had snacks ... Cheddar Chex Mix is my weakness. Yeah, I ate a lot of it.

We had beer ... Yuengling by the case. Yum.

And fun ... we had fun. And laughs. And a never-ending supply of amazingly funny comebacks by Dave and Shawn. Every time I thought Dave said the funniest thing all night, he'd top it. Because he's a manimal. Yeah.

What's funny .... we only played one game ... the music game. Apparently there are 77 bands hidden in this picture. We found quite a few. Try Your Luck.

Two nights in a row I get home after 6 a.m. ... yeah, it was a good weekend.


It was a GREAT weekend.

And that's all I'm saying.

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