Random Thoughts #3

I'd get a Verizon phone but I hate when people follow me around, so that many people would bug the shit out of me.

And why do you need a phone that plays music videos?

Or you can watch TV on?

If you wanna watch TV, stay home, don't drive.

Can't be home? It's 2006. Get a TiVO. Or your local cable company's DVR.


That guy who lives in the Grand Canyon and drives the Suziki Vitara pisses me off. Yeah, the guy that jumps off the cliff to get TO his vehicle?

Yeah, that guy.

How does he get back up to his house every night?

Does he have a helicopter?

The state of Tennessee has a revenue (tax) stamp for illegal drugs and moonshine. Apparently you purchase this stamp from the county or state government to put on your illegal drugs and hooch. The story is if the stamp isn't on the illegal goods and you get busted, you have to pay an additional fine and have your property subject to seizure by the state.

That, in and amongst itself, was the single funniest bit of news in USAToday this year.
Until I read the last line:

In 2005, sales of the stamp accounted for $1.7 million in state revenue.

(insert your own punchline here because I'm fucking out of comebacks on this one. I have nothing.)

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