I heart songs in movies

I know I've mentioned before that I really wasn't impressed with Brokeback Mountain ... and I don't want to beat a dead horse (or dead sheep?) ... but this point drove it home for me:

At the Golden Globes, there was a song in the movie ... the Bernie Taupin-penned "A Love That Will Never Grow Old" ... that won the award for Best Original Song.


And that, my friends, is very, very unusual.

Yeah, I'm a music snob. You're probably aware of that. And because of that, songs tend to resonate with me, stick in my craw, so to speak, for years. I refuse to give up until I find what I want. Ask Kerry, who hung with me for a day-long roadtrip from Austintown to Cleveland to Columbus to Dayton for hockey ... and the French Market ... and Second-Time Around ... on Brown Street in Dayton ... where I found the Stealin' Horses CD I'd been wanting FOR FIVE YEARS. Yeah, I'm like that.

And just recently, I had another search pay off ... that actually relates to the fact that I didn't notice any songs in "Boring-Ass Manlove Mountain": I spent years looking for two songs from movies ... one was never released; the second ... the soundtrack had such a limited release that it's impossible to find, even in the days when Napster ruled the world.

And just yesterday ... that's January 17th for those of you scoring at home, I found the second and final song I was looking for.

How cool is that?

1st Song: Bill Medley, "Most of All You" from "Major League."

Found that sometime in the latter part of 2005 on WinMX (yeah, I know it's shut down, but if you have the software and a list of OpenNap servers it's still working ... just not as WinMx. But the client software still works, wink wink, nudge nudge, google at your own peril.)

2nd Song: Melissa Etheridge, "Don't Look At Me" from "Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael."

I once reviewed a Melissa Etheridge concert ... on the "Yes, I Am" tour ... and remember saying "man, she played everything I wanted to hear except that song from 'Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael'."

So every couple of months I'll google it ... but for some reason I was looking for something else and went to the Melissa Etheridge page and found that it was never released anywhere, including her recent greatest hits package. So then I looked on Melissa Etheridge's iTunes page, because sometimes single songs like find life outside of traditional distribution channels ... but no love. Then I finally found a link to a fanpage that has apparently enough official support to not be banned on the official ME forum that had the song, and several other unreleased Melissa tunes, available for free download.

The soundtrack for the movie is just the official score, not the music used, and like many fans of the song, and Melissa, I was surprised that "Don't Think Of Me" was never officially released, but "In Roxy's Eyes" was repackaged as "I Will Never Be The Same" and released on "Yes I Am."

So those two songs ... and the great stuff I've been getting from eMusic (music snob heaven) will soon force me to get a bigger iPod because my 20gb is damn near full. Yeah, I know, poor me. Bitching about my 20gb being full, while some of you don't even have an iPod shuffle to your name.

Anyway ... I'm sooooo loving eMusic that I have to shill for it. Message me for an invite ... I get free songs if you sign up, and you SHOULD because they have good stuff there.

And you can get 50 free songs just for checking it out ... and the best part ... they're MP3 files with NO DRM ... that's digital rights management. Meaning you can download, share, burn, etc. without issue. Oh, and you're not paying 99 cents per song, either ... it's between 25 and 40 cents, depending on the package you buy on a monthly basis. Well worth the cost of one CD for four or five ... four or five you probably won't find at your big-box retailer or discount chain. Yeah, snobbery off.

My favorites I've gotten from eMusic:

Amy Ray (yeah, from the Indigo Girls) - Stag
Amy Rigby - Sugar Tree
Emily Richards - You Give
Lisa Loeb - Hello Lisa
Martina Sorbara - The Cure for Bad Deeds
Jenifer Jackson - So High
The Decemberists - Castaways & Cutouts
The Pillcrushers - Welcome To The World (amazing powerpop)
Mirah - Advisory Committee
Melissa McClelland - Stranded in Suburbia
Marykate O'Neil - Marykate O'Neil
Autumn Under Echoes - The Smile and the Nod

and a Kara favorite:

Ben Lee - Awake is The New Sleep

and my absolute new favorite:

A Girl Called Eddy - A Girl Called Eddy

To paraphrase Donnie Baker ... this could be Aimee Mann ... swear ta Gawd it could, man.

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