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I hate the "what if" game. Because there are no real right answers. (Yeah, Eric has issues with things not being black and white. Go figure.)

Today I'm on the way back from lunch today (chicken noodle soup at Panera in a sourdough bowl. Yum) and have the misfortune of hearing Chris Speilman (yeah, I know local legend) on ESPN Radio talking about how the Ohio State Buckeyes should be national champs.

Um, WTF?

Didn't Texas beat USC last night to become the National Champs?

Yeah, that's right, they did.

And OSU wasn't in the national championship game because they lost twice this season ... once to Texas, and once to Penn State, who was third in the nation.

Yeah, that's right (see, I haven't had enough of the kool-aid to be a nut-headed mascot worshipper, but I do read the papers daily, watch SportsCenter and know enought to get trivia questions right. Give me some credit).

So you lost, twice, to teams ranked ahead of you ... and both of them won their bowl games, as did you, so let's see .... if two beats one, two then become one. If three beats four, and two loses, three becomes two. If five beats six and four loses to three and two beats one that means that one is now three, two is now one, three is now two, four is now five five is now four and six stays six, because six lost and you can't move down if you're already at the bottom.

Got it?

So you've moved from fifth to fourth.

That's still three places from 1.

(Yeah, I took college math. For a mere $1,400, you, too, can be this smart)

So now after doing the math, and listening to what #36 said, I think maybe he took one too many blows to the head.

Here's his logic:
In a four-team playoff after the BCS Bowls, where it's 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 with the winners playing for the title, OSU would win?

You'd beat Texas if you play them again or Penn State if you play them again?

Well, you had a chance to do just that the first time, and lost. What makes you think this time will be any different?


Applying logic makes bravado disappear.

I have some advice: Step away from the crack pipe.

Ohio State had a chance to beat Texas, back on September 10th. They lost, 25-22.

And I don't care why, or who didn't play, or who was hurt and is now healthy or because they're just playing better now.

Now doesn't matter.

There is no playoff. There is no BCS+1.

You can talk all you want because every word that comes out of your mouth is nullified by these five words you spoke:
if only given the chance.

You had your chance, September 10th.

Texas won.


Don't care about anything but the final score, 25-22, because that's black and white (or Orange and White, as Texas would say).

And you had your chance, October 8th.

Penn State won.


Don't care about anything else but the final score, 17-10, because that's black and white (or Blue and White, as Penn State would say).

And I don't care who'd win today, because, and this is also black and white, they aren't playing again.

It's over.
OSU didn't win the national title.

Like the Cubs fans say ... wait until next year.

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