Song of the Day

Which Way Are You Goin'
Jim Croce

Which way are you goin'?
Which side will you be on?
Will you stand and watch while,
All the seeds of hate are sown?
Will you stand with those who say,
Let his will be done?
One hand on the bible
One hand on the gun

Which way are you looking?
Is it hard to see?
Do you say what's wrong for him,
Is not wrong for me?
You walk the streets, righteousness,
But you refuse to understand
You say you love the baby
Then you crucify the man

Everyday, things are changing,
Words once honored turned to lies
People wondering, can you blame them
Its to far to run, and to late to hide

Now you turn your back on,
All the things that you used to preach
Now it's let him live in freedom,
If he lives like me
Well you light has changed, confusion rains,
What have you become?
All your olive branches turned to spears
When your flowers turned to guns

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