Cleveland people suck at math.

The Cleveland Browns are wearing a patch that has the years 1946-2006 on it. That's because they're celebrating their 60th year in the National Football League.

But let's do the math, shall we?

Cleveland's first season was 1946.
Cleveland's final season was 1995.
Do some subtraction .......... 49 years.

The team then became known as the Baltimore Ravens. And no NFL football was played in Cleveland until Al Lerner bought the rights to the franchise and ...

The team started up again in 1999.
This is the year of our Lord 2006.
Do the addition and you get ... 7 more years.

You see, I took College Math, twice, and passed, both times.

I know, without consulting a calculator, that 49+7=56.

And I took Statistics, and failed, but I know, without consulting a calculator, that 56 does not equal 60.

So WTF is up with the Cleveland Browns celebrating their 60th Anniversary as a franchise?

Obviously, people in Cleveland suck at math, too.

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