Song of the Day

Decide Not To Decide
Janine Stoll

From the tip of my tongue
to the tip of my toe
With a single glance from you
anything will go
We own this bar tonight
and we own this whole city
When you own the world
it's hard to think that it's pretty

But war is far off tonight
you're my comrade unarmed
If you see your reflection
I'm sure that I am charmed
Don't write me off my friend
'cause you'll pay twice in the end
And I'm not going home alone tonight

Never was an advocate of rational thinking
I did a lot of stare and think
and stare and think
and stare and think
I'll buy another round
of whatever you are drinking
And decide not to decide
anything at all

Mary is five and she plays with G.I. Joe
Mommy won't find out if she keeps her voice down low
All the other girls have a pink carriage in tow
And little Mary smiles
cause she's the only one who knows

If Billy played with dolls
they'd kick sand in his eyes
And no one would help him,
because a big boy is not supposed to cry
What if I was Mary and you were little Bill
Could we spend the night together hold the interrogator's drill

Never was an advocate of loving and leaving
I guess I'm not strong enough to love and leave
and love and leave
I couldn't live without his voice
or the sound of his breathing
So I learned not to love anyone at all

So maybe I'm tired
and nothing tempts me anymore
Nothing makes me laugh
the way I laughed long before
Or maybe I grew out
of dressing in and dressing up
Or maybe I grew too much
forgot to tell myself to stop

But I never joined the army
so I guess I haven't lost
Somewhere in my childhood
my will to fight got tossed
And you were beaten out
of your bangles and your braids
I guess there's more to learning life
then competing for good grades

Never was an advocate of learning and losing
My memory is weak so I must learn and lose
and learn and lose
This bar is getting crowded
maybe we should go cruising
And learn not to lose any time at all

Take it away
Take it away
The pain
And give me ten fold
This love

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