It's all about the voice

I'm not so sure why I have this hang-up about voices.

No, not the voices in my head. Those voices are comforting. And, oddly enough, almost always in a nice, soft feminine English or Australian accent.

Like the old Jeanie ATMs.

Or Julia Fordham.

I guess my dislike of voices is one of the reasons I don't like talking on the phone.

Or I'm secretly Leonard Shelby.

Either way ... I don't like talking on the phone.

And lately, I've spent a lot of time on the phone in September ... talking to recruiters, HR people, old friends, new friends, etc.

And I've noticed that my interest in the person on the other end is based more and more on the voice of the person speaking.

Not what they're saying, but howthey're saying it.

Foreign accent?

Western European ... good.

Asian ... good.

Australian ... good.

Indian (dot or feather) ... not good.

Southern US or hillbilly ... bad.

Not sure why that is ... I mean, who cares what the voice sounds like, right? The words should be important. The job they're discussing is what matters, right?

But I can't get beyond it.

Like the Seinfeld episode "The Ex-Girlfriend." Marlene. Played by Tracy Kolis. She's hot. But her voice ... ugh. Shrinkage.

Because whether it's love, work, or play, voices are deal breakers for me.

On the same level as my dislike of bad grammar, improper punctuation, and poor spelling.

Weird, eh?

Welcome to my brain.

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