God Hates Fred Phelps

I'll admit that I'm not a big Michael Moore fan, but this is some classic stuff, I'm guessing, from his television show in 1999 when he goes after the right reverend Fred Phelps, the "God hates fags" guy who was then protesting at funerals of gay men and lesbians, such as Mathew Sheppard.

You might know Fred Phelps as the ass clown who now protests at funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq.

I'm all for standing up for what you believe in, but when you're this far gone, there's really no hope for you. Seriously ... there are few things worse than kicking people when they're down, but protesting at funerals? Saying that the deceased is getting his just rewards in Hell for being gay? That AIDS cures homosexuality? That brave men and women dying in Iraq - regardless of your political belief on the issue - because it's God's revenge for the decay of America?


As a veteran, I can't wait until Fred Phelps has his day of judgment and gets a hot, stiff pitchfork up his ass. Hopefully, Satan is gay, and aggressive, and makes Fred his bitch.

As one who is coming to grips with spirituality and belief in a higher power, I can't see how any deity could support this whack job, let alone anyone here on Earth. Makes me wish that sometimes, that whole smiting thing would still happen.

There's an old Jim Croce song that has the line, "Now it's let him live in freedom, if he lives like me" the describes the double-standard we often accept as part of life ... this video is right in line with that. As soon as Fred is faced with what he hates, rather than engage in an open exchange of ideas, he tosses out a few epithets and runs.

So, yeah, there are some times I like Michael Moore. This is one of them.

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