A weekend full of C's

Curry. Cripples. Cline. Congestion. Cheerleaders. Chocolate. Cherry Pie.

Now that's some alliteration.

And that's how you spend a great weekend.

We'll start at about 8:30 a.m. Friday when we got rolling.

Icey Blue (that's my car's name, given by Cammi, another C but not part of this weekend) was fueled up, packed up and on the way to New Jersey. It was a totally uneventful journey east. Couple of minor construction delays, but nothing earthshaking.

We found the hotel with one minor wrong turn that was a two-block diversion. That's when the alliteration started.

As we walked into the hotel, we saw a lot of Indians (dot, not feather) and a lot of people in wheelchairs.

That's the curry and cripples.

Then came two hours of Cline.

Nels Cline.

Guitar God Nels Cline.

Currently playing with Wilco.

Currently playing with Wilco at the Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.

Where we stood.

Four feet away from guitar God Nels Cline.

I was very impressed. And pissed that I left my camera in the car, leaving me to shoot with my crappy camera phone

Saturday brought rain, which brought congestion.

Saturday also brought a Snapple sale at PathMark, because only in New Jersey have I found my Snapple brand in serious quantities.

And Saturday also brought a trip to Hershey, PA. Where we walked into the middle of a chocolate kingdom packed with cheerleaders.

All buying chocolate.

As I told Kara, looks like a lot of chocolate will be thrown up tonight.

Saturday night found us in Pittsburgh at the Club Cafe for Canadians.

Kathleen Edwards.

With Kate York opening.

Two great Canadian singer-songwriters.

And I had my camera for this show. But we were standing about 15 feet away and off to the side. But I did get two good shots of Kathleen.

And, in typical Eric fashion, ran into someone I know: a guy I worked with at Calgon Carbon, and his wife, so we talked with them, enjoyed the show, and when it was over, headed to Eat 'n' Park for some food.

Kara ordered a sandwich and soup combo, I got the liver and onions. Yes, I like liver. Yes, Eat 'n' Park has great liver.

And apathetic waitresses.

There's nothing quite as nice as seeing red food on your knife when you didn't order anything red.

I ordered liver and onions and mashed potatoes and cottage cheese. None of which are red.

And when I pointed this out to the waitress, and told her it looked like my knife had some cherry pie remnants on it, she replied with the following:

"Maybe it's strawberry pie."

Not "I'm really sorry."

Not "Can I get you a new one."

Nope, just "Maybe it's strawberry pie."


So we headed home. Stopping only at Kroger at Bridgeville, Ohio, for a dose of sinus medicine to clear the congestion so we could breathe; and some gas and coffee at a Pilot station.

Home at 3 a.m. Sunday.

That, my friends, is a full weekend.

Alliteration and all.

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