I can't catch a break

So this being day 10 since my snipping, and my second pain-free day in a row, I'm starting to believe that I'm over and healing, if not healed, and therefore, able to do what I want to do.

And I know better.

My doctor said no lifting of anything over five pounds for 10 days.

Now if you know me, you know I'm the impatient one whenever I'm told I can't do something ...

But after a good week of a lot of pain, I told myself I was going to be good. Besides, I got plans this weekend and upcoming week that are too important to mess up by trying to be a hero.

And I will admit today was very testing of that. I really really really wanted to get my bicycle out and ride.

But I didn't.

I walked to get my mail. And it was a nice, slow, peaceful walk.

And when I got into my apartment, my bicycle called to me.

But I wasn't going to move things around and get my bicycle out for the first ride of the year.

Because I'd have to move things.

Boxes that weigh more than five pounds.

My elliptical trainer that weighs more than five pounds.

And I'd have to take my bike to the gas station to get some air before I could ride it.

That means I'd have to get my bike rack out of the closet.

Which means moving MORE boxes that weigh more than five pounds.

And the bike rack weighs more than five pounds.

And the bike itself weighs more than five pounds.

And then there's the whole act of lifting the bike onto and off of the bike rack for transport purposes.

So I wasn't going to do any of it. I was being good. I was going to read my book on Network for my test. And watch some DVD's. And organize some DVDs to get rid of some of the spindles of discs I have.

And that was what I was doing when the night decided to suck. Well, it sucked a bit before that, but that was just minor suckage compared to what was to come.

I was moving a small stack of DVD's from the couch to the DVD case when the slippery plastic cases decided to slide.

As they tend to do.

And I went to catch it.

As I tend to do.

And I turned to catch it.

And smashed my face into the handle of my folded up elliptical trainer.

Which didn't move.

Because it's wedged up against the wall.

I hit the handle with my mouth.

More specifically, with one of my teeth.

Which didn't move.

It broke.

And it hurts.

And that, my friends, is why my night sucks.

Two days without pain in my nuts is replaced by pain in my mouth.


UPDATE: Wednesday, 3:30 p.m.

It's fixed. American Dental Centers on Dublin-Granville Road fixed me all up. Called at 1:45, was in the chair by 2:15 and done at 3:10 and home at 3:30 (they even drove me home because I'm a bit loopy from the gas.

Me and Novocaine = enemies.

So I get the gas.

Yeah, I know my face is gonna hurt.

And yeah, I know, it's killing you.

But I'm gonna nap it off before dinner with Kara and the required South Park/Mencia/Daily Show/Colbert Report TV-fest tonight. Peace out / Nap on.

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