Who needs sleep?

The Reuben at Corky & Lennys in Cleveland. Nobody has a better Reuben. Nobody.

The Aimee Mann Unprofessional, Unrehearsed Dick-Around Hour Aimee apparently had some equipment issues with things during her show at the Cleveland Oedon on Friday another great venue in the city that's closing. So she took requests from the crowd and when Invisible Ink was requested neither of the supporting musicians she had on stage for the primarily acoustic show could play along but it didn't matter, she nailed it. Reviews are here.

Going to the The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with someone who shares my love and appreciation for music and other hobbies. And yes, Ill admit, I'm a member of the Rock Hall because its $50 a year well spent. For the one year membership, you get free admission for you and a guest whenever you want to go during the year. When you factor its $20 a person for entrance well, the math on that is pretty simple. For that additional $10 you 10 percent off all purchases in the gift shop granted its an FYE branch so the music is overpriced, but they have a great collection of Rock Hall merchandise; you get a members-only email; perhaps free tickets to amazing concerts (saw Buddy Guy for free last year because I was a Rock Hall Member and those tickets were $27), so you can really make out. Oh, and with your membership purchased after December 1, 2005, you also get 26 issues of Rolling Stone so its not all good but you can sleep better at night knowing you're helping keep some of the greatest pieces of rock history alive and available to the public.

The Great American Steak-Out the best steakhouse in the state. Period. Its in Niles, Ohio. Wood-fired grill, the Black Angus steaks are never frozen, and tender tender tender. The Mahoning Valley may suck balls, but there are several great restaurants.

Dinner at the Great American Steak-Out & cosmic bowling with my daughter Cammi and Kara. But Cammi's the highlight of my life, not my weekend.

Kara but shes the highlight of my year and my future not my weekend.

Introducing Kara to Cammi and Gage and Jessica and Adam (and I soooo saw that Adam you're sooooo busted :-P) and Patti's mom & dad (yeah, so my ex-wife is one of my best friends, and her family is still an important part of my life. Don't hate me because you hate your exes and their family that's not my problem, or my world.)

Waking up with and hanging out with Kara on Sunday before she had to go to work.

Hanging out tonight, alone, watching the Super Bowl, eating some oatmeal. Relaxing after what was the best weekend of my life.

How was your weekend?

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