Curious George is adorable

Yep. I loved it. And there's a great poster for the movie, too

Then again, I always did love the books.

But the movie ... it's adorable. It's funny. It's totally perfect for kids ... of all ages. Like me.

And my favorite part ... well, duh, Maggie, the teacher. Apparently I have a thing for blue-eyed teachers ... or at least one that will be ... who like nerds who know way too much about way too many things. Like me ... and like Ted.

But anyway, it is super duper cute. And I can't wait to see it again.

Oh, yeah, for the record, I took my super cute daughter, Cammi, to see it today. Then we went bowling. She totally rocked a 92 in the middle game. Me, I had headpin issues. It hated me. Hated me. Wouldn't go away. Ever. But I did get a 116, 120, 105 ... 114 average. Not bad. Typical for a guy who uses a straight ball ... can't throw the hook. Never learned. Cammi had a 69, 92 and a 72... so she averaged a 78. Not bad for a cutie who'll be 8 in a month. In her defense, in the last game she was kicking butt then she cut her finger about halfway through the third game. But she finally learned how to keep moving when she releases the ball to toss it stronger ... so she's getting more juice behind her six-pound projectile.

Oh, and I so totally want to take my super duper adorable girlfriend ... who's the bestest girlfriend in the whole world, to see Curious George too ... because at times she's a big kid like me, too, and that one of the multitude of things I love about her.

Did I mention how cute this movie is?

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