Random Thoughts #4

Random Thought: Valentine's day ... is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.

Explaining the less-than-obvious in that thought: Quote stolen from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Greatest love story ever put on film. My favorite movie. One of Kara's favorite movies. Yeah.

Exception to that thought: I'm soooo looking forward to Valentine's Day this year .... Because I have the bestest ever Valentine. Ever. And you can't have her. None of you. She's mine :-) But she works on Tuesday so we're celebrating the 15th. Because we're different like that.

Random Thought: This Present Expression is a band from Pittsburgh that I knew nothing about before Saturday night's show at Ruby Tuesday's. The best thing I can say about them is their lyrics are memorable. Memorable because there weren't any. At all.

Explaining the less-than-obvious in that thought: There's a reason that Metallica puts a single 10-minute guitar-effect instrumental with driving bass & drums on every album. It's a good way to showcase what outstanding musicians you can be. However, there's a reason that Metallica only ever puts one on an album. Because after about 10 minutes, it's totally fucking boring.

Exception to that thought: TPE had a song with some spoken words behind it. But it was so far down in the mix it was like the TV at a bar without closed captioning. Someone was mumbling something that was inaudible over the din of the boring conversations, only the boring conversations was the music of TPE.

Random Thought: There is NOTHING like a bowl of oatmeal to warm you up on a cold day.

Explaining the less-than-obvious in that thought: If I didn't just finish a 32 ounce glass of iced tea that starts out with me filling the glass with ice and then pouring tea that's so cold in my fridge that ice has formed inside the tea into the glass, drinking the tea and then eating all the ice, I bet I wouldn't be as cold.

Exception to that thought: If Kara was here with me instead of working I doubt I'd be cold.

Random thought: A well-made bed that someone else made for you looks too good to lay on.

Explaining the less-than-obvious in that thought: Kara made my bed today and it looks too good to sleep on.

Exception to that thought: If I make the bed, I just mess it all up again anyway.

Random thought: Dr. Atkins had it right. The meat in the sandwich is the best part and the bread sucks.

Explaining the less-than-obvious in that thought: Saturday night at Ruby Tuesday's there were three bands that played:

TPE is from Pittsburgh; AUE is from Columbus; Mr. Gnome is from Cleveland. TPE, well, they got explained above. Mark Nye, bassist for Autumn Under Echoes, called TPE "interesting" onstage last night. Interesting was said with an interesting twist on it that made one of the two guitarists question Mark after the show.

Dude, take it easy, it's not like he said it sucked.

Mr. Gnome ... I'm sure they're good at what they do. It's kinda like Kara said ... the White Stripes reversed. A guy drums barefoot, while a skinny woman plays guitar and sounds a lot like Bjork. Who I think sucks.

We left after the second song.
And yeah, they're good at what they do ... which is a nice way of saying "But I don't like it" (thanks for that Chris Skrobot of Autumn Under Echoes and X-Rated Cowboys, who used that on some band that opened for AUE/XRC at a show in December at the Treehouse!)

But anyway ... in our story here, TPE is one slice of bread, Mr. Gnome is the other.
The filling of that bad band sandwich was the fucking awesomest Autumn Under Echoes show I've seen ... and I've seen them three times now (or four, I forget).

They rock.

Better than any band I've seen in Columbus, or anywhere.

And you have to see them. March 18th at Andyman's Treehouse is the next Autumn Under Echoes show.


This band totally rocked the roof off Ruby Tuesday's Saturday night.

Aaron is an amazing showman. He really controls a stage and makes you watch.
His lyrics are genius. The blog header I had "Cause I'm like a telephone, I never ring, and I have no messages" is an Aaron lyric.

The header on my (since deleted) MySpace profile ... "I guess I'm not socially erotic" is an Aaron lyric.

(The current blog headline here - Honesty is such a shallow grave - is an Aaron lyric)

The song on my profile "Dirty Numbers" is the song all those lyrics are from ... and that's an Autumn Under Echoes song.

And it's not even my favorite AUE song.

That's "Life Is A Movie" ... but that may change after seeing the show on Saturday, because I gotta tell you ... "This Is It" made my hands hurt ... and not from applauding you for nothing or hitting you so hard.

They hurt from just WATCHING Mark demolish the strings on the bass.

They hurt from just watching Chris Skrobot play the shit out of the guitar.

And they hurt from watching
Eddie D on the drums.
And to paraphrase the Kinks' song "The Road" ... Eddie was solid as a rocker sitting time on the drums for AUE last night. And Eddie, to answer your question you asked me after the show ... Seth who? Yeah, you totally rocked it last ... and "This Is It" was fucking amazing. You and Mark just held it so solid that Aaron & Chris were pieces to round out the puzzle, not the other way around. Rhythm section rock at its finest.

Exception to that thought: Nice soft warm fresh bread that's only like an hour out of the oven is the shit. Yummy.

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