Valentine's Day ruled

So I got the COOLEST stuff for Valentine's Day ... and yes, this is the 16th, I know ... but we didn't celebrate until the 15th because Kara had to work on the 14th. So we had a very good one-day-later-than-you-did Valentine's Day.

And I got the COOLEST stuff ever.

From the bestest Valentine ever.

And I wanna brag about it.

Check this out!
  • A book that discusses various writer's interpretations of or works based upon popular song lyrics. VERY COOL. (I'd post a link, but I forget the name of the book and don't wanna mess it up. So I'll post it later.) EDIT: Book is Lit Riffs - Writers "cover" songs they love.
  • Tickets to a Wheeling Nailers game on Feb 25th against the Trenton Titans. Minor League Hockey - ECHL style. Always a winner in my book.
  • A cool black t-shirt that just says, hockey. Very cool. Very minimillist. Very cool.
  • A superduper cool Chicago Blackhawks THIRD JERSEY ... yep, that's right, the black one. It's awesome. I love it. I'm gonna wear it. A lot.
  • And the bestest of all ... a hand-made, one-of-a-kind, memory book of all the reasons Kara loves me. Melted me. Period. Best.Gift.Ever. And all made by hand (well, the page filling stuff. Cause she's crafty like that. And I love it.) And I'm gonna show it off to everyone every chance I get because it's sooooooooo coool.
And it was all done by hand (did I mention that?) By Kara. Cause she's the best! OH, and dinner at Molly Woo's!

Yummy Chinese-people food.

And Kara

And hot and iced tea.

And Kara.

And presents.

And Kara.

Doesn't get any better than that.

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