Comfest ... et.al.

Well, as expected, Comfest rocked my fucking ass off. For three consecutive days. And it was AMAZING. Saw some bands I love (Razorbliss, Ryan Smith, Megan Palmer, Jen Miller, Miranda Sound, Two Cow Garage, Paper Airplane), some bands I will love (The Lindsay, Pirate), and some that just blew me right away. (Paper Airplane, Pirate, Donna Mogavero).

I'm going to be a volunteer for Comfest next year ... of course doing photography ... but also I'd love to get involved with the group that puts on such an AMAZING festival.

I'll have lots of pics posted in a bit. I might just grab a bunch and put them on my flickr account until I can get them 'processed' the way I like. But raw images up on flickr are kinda fun! I'll post a link if I do. Meanwhile, here are two teases:

Two Cow Garage and Friends

Drake of Razorbliss

In other news, I totally kicked Lawgirl's ass in trivia tonight (Monday). Of the six matches we competed in, I outright won four, she outright won one and finished ahead of me the match neither of us won. But yeah, I beat her monkey ass, soundly. Not being mean, just reporting the facts. Oh, and one of my wins got me ANOTHER "Top 100" in the nation finish!

I'm not gonna be blogging much the rest of the week, I have my daughter for the week and Cammi-time is precious. Cause I love my bubby ... and she takes precedent over everything else.

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