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This Week in Eric-Land

Tonight - Red Wanting Blue playing downtown Columbus at State & 3rd for a free, early evening outdoor show from 6-9; then home to watch the Ultimate Fighter.

Friday - Driving to somewhere else after work; but you should go the final weekend of Quinn and Andy owning Andyman's Treehouse to see the X-Rated Cowboys, the Whiles and a couple of other cool bands. Or if that's not your style, Razorbliss is playing at BoMA for Vampire Fest in celebration of Friday the 13th.

Saturday - Somewhere else. But you should go the final weekend of Quinn and Andy owning Andyman's Treehouse to see Willie Phoenix with his band, and a couple of other cool bands, and ghosts of Treehouse past playing that night; and do a zombie walk to raise money and collect food for the poor at Goodale Park with the Columbus Zombie Walk

Sunday - Somewhere else, then driving back to Columbus.

Monday - Fish, in Cleveland, at the House of Blues; but if you're in Columbus and don't want to drive, you should go see Megan Palmer and Alyson Greenfield at the Rhumba.

Links I like... and good reading for you
  • Things Overheard in the Office

  • Passive-Aggressive Notes (blank stare)

  • The best rant ever, and it puts mine to shame. It's one of many great reads from The Best of Craigslist

  • CNN calculates the economic stimulus of gay marriage in California. I bet a lot of wedding industry types in Ohio would love this kind of bling. After all, isn't Columbus one of the gayest cities in the US?

  • Esquire Magazine has a GREAT piece about Metallica will kill Bonnaroo like it's killed many other things. If you've seen "Some Kind of Monster" you know what a farce the band has become ... that was some of the best unintentional comedy ever put on film in my lifetime.

  • Speaking of a good laugh over a man-cry ... much like Dave Mustaine and Lars crying in Some Kind of Monster about Mustaine being kicked out of a pre-successful Metallica for his party habits, professional baseball player Milton Bradley broke down and had a good cry over something a TV announcer said about another player. What a tool. This guy has a history of stupid.

  • And finally ... Tastybooze gives us the three ultimate Chick-Repelling Tattoos. For reals.

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