Oh. Snap.

I think Brokeback Mountain was one of the worst movies, ever. Why?
  1. It was boring.
  2. As I saw the movie ... the whole gay sex thing was ENTIRELY the result of being alone on a mountain and being drunk. How anyone can say the movie was a good thing for the gay community is beyond me. It equated 'gay love' as a combination of date rape and Stockholm Syndrome (google it).
  3. It really was a boring movie. Had it been a man and a woman tending livestock on a mountain it would have been lucky to make it on PBS.
  4. It made women question their straight male partner's 'fishing' or 'camping' or 'poker nights' for no good reason. Sorry, I've been on lots of fishing and camping trips, a few poker nights. No gay sex occurred, despite the presence of alcohol and lack of female companionship.
  5. It. Was. Boring.
When it was over, I looked at my date and she said, "That's it? That sucked. I don't get the hype." Her friend was in tears. Her friend's boyfriend ... don't remember his reaction. I'm sure it was similar to hers ... or at least feigned to be similar as not to upset her. That friend would cry about damn near anything. And take offense to just about everything. Damn hippies.

To quote my original review ... where was the pudding? (And if you're wondering WHY I'm writing a blog about Brokeback Mountain now ... I just found this picture and it made me laugh and remember why I hated the movie.)

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