This week in Eric-Land


  • Wednesday - BW3's in Worthington (just off Campus View) for a trivia challenge issued by Lawgirl.
  • Thursday - Rumba Cafe at 6 for Colin from Watershed doing some solo acoustic stuff; then to the Park Street Patio about 9 for Saving Jane; then over to The Outside Corner in Reynoldsburg for The Filthy HabitS
  • Friday - Park Street Patio for Red Wanting Blue
  • Saturday - Dayton (although you should go to On The Rocks in Dublin to see "Little Kids" ... that's a band)
  • Sunday - Recovery

R A N D O M . T H O U G H T S

  • Scientists have discovered where sarcasm lives in your brain. As if.
  • I'd read Garfield if this were how they're written (warning: filled with bad words, sexual innuendo and threats of biblical knowledge of ... uh ... a certain four-legged lasagna eating feline)
  • I wonder if Paul Orfalea is going to shave the rest of his head after this happens? He did get rid of the flowing locks when it was sold to CDR. As my friend Kym said about the founder of the company named for his curly red hair, "Never has one man smoked so much dope and remained upright." During my time in his indirect employ (franchise store), he was fond of traveling to various stores, unannounced, finding the good things they were doing, and then sending a rambling broadcast voice mail to EVERYONE in the company where he'd start to tell the story of what they're doing, then grab a person, and have them attempt to explain it. Huge on the unintentional comedy scale. Kym's quote came after she met him in Milwaukee. Orfalea later admitted to being dyslexic and having ADD ... “I get bored easily, and that is a great motivator,” he said. “I think everybody should have dyslexia and A.D.D.” (There's a reason they call it dope, son.)
  • That cool vitamin water you're chugging ... 33 grams of sugar. Snickers Bar - 30 grams of sugar. Drink up. That's good work, boys.
  • Get ready to fuck up ... or reformat or reprogram add additional third-party apps to your iPhones and iPod touches.
  • Here are 25 things businesses can learn from South Park episodes.
  • And finally ... here's a fun scary bizarre game ... and aptly named for the Wii Entertainment System.

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