Weekend Schedule

Lots of great shows as we ramp up for Comfest ... and this year is going to be a fun one for me at Comfest ... lots of bands I've been looking forward to seeing.

Last night was Micah of Two Cow Garage doing a solo acoustic set opening for the Evil Queens and Burning Brides. For the record, Micah stomps the stage, stalks the stage and rocks the fuck out acoustically the same as he does while plugged in, just with more room, fewer people and less noise. Evil Queens ... I'd never seen them live before. WOW. Very impressed. Burning Brides ... decent ... but I spent a lot of their set outside talking with Shane and Micah, listening to stories of the European tour.

Tonight is Willie Phoenix at Oldfield's on High, with a walk across the street to see Miranda Sound's CD release party for their fourth and final album, which is called "Miranda Sound" ... and it's one of their final Columbus shows, ever. Gotta love a band who writes about "The Lull of Youngstown" with the lines "If you stay you'll always regret it" and "Well John Young, your town's a disaster" and "the best of us won't dare to stay here" ... It's a disaster. I left. I don't regret it. I know lots of people who have left. Most of them good, too. You can download the song (and the entire Western Reserve album) for free, here, because the band, and their label, are just that cool. And Western Reserve is #82 on the Columbus Alive list of the Top 100 Columbus Albums of the past 30 years.

Miranda Sound's final show in Columbus is August 15th at the Ravari Room; they play Comfest at 5:50 on Saturday, June 28th on the Offramp Stage. (look for my Comfest schedule - and it's a full one - to post here soon)

Saturday - Matthew Hoover and the Super Saints at the Treehouse (not sure if they're gonna keep the Andyman's in the name since Andy and Quinn sold the Treehouse) with Greenhorn and Big Back 40.

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