Hey everyone ... please please please take a minute to read this website. (And you know I hate all caps in titles, but it's intentional).

Katie Reider is an AMAZING musician who's in the fight of her life against a difficult form of cancer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her music. I've seen her many times in Columbus, and Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

If you have a spare dollar, please download her sampler and see what an amazing artist she is, and then realize that the cancer she's battling has now taken one of her eyes, and her voice, but not her spirit to live.

If you do donate, and don't like the music, tell me and I'll gladly refund your $1.

- Eric (who doesn't plead for much from friends and readers, but is seriously saddened by this news. Katie is amazing.)


Peas said...

As you're probably aware, Katie lost her two-year fight on Monday.... I figured I'd leave a message just in case you didn't know.

Eric said...

Thank you. I heard the sad news Monday night, just in time to go to the memorial held at Goodale Park.

One Wink at a Time said...

I'm glad you got to go to the memorial. I only just learned of Katie and her fight yesterday. What an inspiration... and how very, very sad.