All about Robots

Right now, there are more than 5,000,000 robots on the planet. I'm sure sex-robots (sexbots as they're called) aren't far behind. Which means that the few 18-34 year-old men video games haven't effectively castrated the social skills of will be joined by those who will get the sexbot because they never had social skills for video games to castrate.

For what it's worth ... which is very little these days, I do have a favorite sexbot ... and no, it's not Tricia Helfer's Caprica Six ... or any of the Boomer/Sharon/Athena modeled after Grace Park ... or Tory (but she's up on the list) ... or D'Anna ... nope. I'm old school ... way old school.

Firefox 3 has a funny robot tribute: (click to see in full size, or, if you're running Firefox 3, open a new tab and type about:robots into the address bar.)

(click the photo to see full-size)

Bonus points to anyone who can get the six pop culture references in the firefox about:robots without googling them. Extra points will be added if you're a hot woman over 35 who's single, has a great rack and sends me photos of aforementioned hotness and rackness with the correct answers. (If you're outrageously hot, you can google, but photos are required for all those who enter. Moobs=automatic disqualification).


Lawgirl said...

Knows them all - didn't have to Google. Has a fabulous rack, but not sending pics.....again.
ROFLMAO. Hope you get a winner with this one.

Jayne Aubrie said...

Pris/Daryl Hannah -- Very sexy robot indeed. I didn't get most of the robot references, but I do know Asimov's First Law when I see it. And, of course, "And They Have A Plan". I did guess the Hitchhiker's reference but I didn't know exactly what it was. And I thought the Blade Runner for the one, but I wasn't sure.

I'll spare you and not send a pic of my rack... LOL