What I'm listening to ...

Since I'm bored and not all that interesting in writing here about anything that's going in in my life ... here's what's new in my heavy music rotation:

Semi Precious Weapons - We Love You.

Yeah, I know that kick-ass banner says it's not out until October 30th. (Cause I made that kick-ass banner.) But I have the CD. I listen to it. A lot.

It fucking rocks.

It's my favorite album of 2007.

Straight up serious. So how did I get it? Well, I know people. (And I paid for it.)

And believe me when I tell you this ... if you're not a fan, you should be.

Bullet Jones - The Bullet Jones EP.

Great American rock and roll. Period. And "The Ballad of Bullet Jones" is in my top 5
fall tunes in heavy rotation.

David Ford - Songs For The Road.

His debut album blew me away (and was my Album of the Year for 2006. The follow-up does NOT suffer from the typical sophomore slump. In fact, "Train," "Songs For The Road," "Requiem," "St. Peter" and "Go To Hell" have been live tracks I've been digging on bootlegs for about a year. "St. Peter" and "Songs For The Road" were instant favs of mine when I saw him open for Gomez in May 2006.

Aaron Tasjan - Hard Love and Free Luck.

Again, not yet released, and not coming out until 2008, but hey, I know people.

Two Cow Garage - III

All I need to say about that was said here.

What are you listening to?

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