New Computer Specs

Since I've had a few people ask me about the beast I'm building ... here are the specs:
  • Asus M2NPV-VM main board
  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 6000+ - two 3.01GHz cores with 1MB L2 Cache per core
  • 4GB PC800 DDR2 RAM (yeah 4 GB)
  • 2.1 TB Storage (one 400GB, six 320GB and one 300GB SATA-II Western Digital Drives, the 400 is the video scratch disk); the 300 is the system drive, the six 320's are a RAID5 storage array)
  • NVidia 6150 video with 256mb VRAM
  • Coolermaster Centurion 534 Plus Tower (yeah, cause it has a Cylon name and is silver and black. I'm gonna replace the blue LED's with RED ones. Cause I'm *that* nerdy)
  • Coolermaster 700 watt power supply
  • Sony 16x DVD-RW Dual-layer, dual-format
  • 7 USB 2.0 ports (three in the front, four in the back)
  • 2 Firewire ports (one in the front, one in the back)
  • HDTV Output with DVI or Composite; S-Video or RCA output
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • NOD32 for Vista, cause it RULES and is the only AV product worth the $40 to purchase and $27 to update every year.
So is it fast?

Um, yeah. It is.

My old computer (Intel 2.8GHz single-core with HT; 2GB RAM) took about 3 hours to render a 1.4gb AVI file to DVD. New machine - 53 minutes.

So I'm gonna rebuild the old computer with a single 80gb EIDE drive, an additional 250EIDE drive for storage, a DVD burner and sell it, and the 21" Sony CRT monitor ... anyone want a kick-ass system, cheap? It's a Dell, comes with a licensed version of XP Pro ... it's loaded and in good shape. Just too slow for me. I'll throw in a new keyboard, too. All for $200.

(Yes, old friends, you see my days of Gigabyte/Intel CPU requirements have ended, eh?)

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