Red Wanting Blue photos posted

Went up to the House of Blues last night to see a couple of friends play with their band. I will totally admit it was weird not driving, but the knee's still not up for that.

I spent most of the night on a stool, sitting beside the stage snapping photos. Worked out well. Collected on the beer Mark McCullough owed me ... and finally went to a show with another crazy rock photographer, despite the fact we've known each other for more than ten years.

In fact, I might have to steal the stool from the singer more often ... I like the way these shots turned out.

Scott Terry of Red Wanting Blue

John Kengla of Red Wanting Blue

Eddie Davis of Red Wanting Blue

Mark McCullough of Red Wanting Blue

Greg Rahm of Red Wanting Blue

See all the photos here.

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Anonymous said...

Killer photo of Scott Terry. Love that B/W stuff with very tight depth of field.