Happiness = socks

Happiness is a good pair of socks.

This is one of several deep philosophical thoughts I had while spending seven hours in the Emergency Room last night. It was either spend the time inside my brain or listen to the ambiance that is St. Elizabeth's ER Room 6: the drone of a diesel engines of ambulances bringing people in was in one ear; in the other ear was the TV on the other side of the curtain. The guy I shared the room with - and never saw - was watching, at one point, one of those annoying infomercials about buying a car -- any car you want -- regardless of credit history. The catchline: You can buy any car with ZERO down EVEN if you have a ZERO credit rating. Which is funny, because the lowest possible credit score is 300, so my cynical take is "Well, the zero down is only for people with a ZERO credit rating. You, however, have a credit rating of 302 so you don't qualify for that offer. Sorry."


Happiness is a good pair of socks.

Those socks you like to wear on cold, wet days that make your feet feel warm and dry and safe.

And sometimes, one of those socks disappears. Dryer gremlins are probably to blame. They're like gravelings, but rather than causing your death, they steal your happiness by taking one sock.

I've not been happy for a while. I've been struggling to find out why.

Recently, a dear friend said to me, "Life can be so fun when we just let ourselves be happy. I always have to remind myself of that."

And people wonder why Eric likes the smart girls.

(Oh, I was at the ER for wild abdominal pain that had been going on for three days. Verdict: gastritis. So I have the following dietary restrictions: No coffee, no carbonated beverages, no alcohol, no spicy foods. And I get Nexium. Little. Purple. Pill. For 10 days. And Mylanta. Orange Creme is yummy.)

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Becka said...

And sometimes we forget how to be happy, the small things that make us happy. Sometimes we wait for something and it's over before we noticed it was even there.

Just been catching up on you :)

(ps..im locked for renovation and possible packing up to a new name..i'll pass on the details when it happens)