Showing off my Kitchen Skills

So it's a well-known fact I'm not all that skilled in the culinary arts.

As any single person will tell you, cooking for one sucks.

In addition to that, I had the weight-loss surgery almost four years ago and really don't eat a whole lot. Food is fuel to me these days, not the hobby it used to be.

Because of the surgery, there are some things I can only eat in very limited moderation. Like ice cream. I average about three or four spoonfuls once or twice a month.

Same with Oreo cookies.

A pint of ice cream, in the freezer, as long as it stays frozen, will last me three months before it gets freezer-burned. Oreos, however, are flawed in their packaging.

I, however, have worked some kitchen magic, to solve this issue, at least for me.

Here's the problem.


Once you open them, Oreo cookies tend go stale in like three days cause the package is not air-tight once the seal is broken, and you can't reseal it, either. It's a marketing gimmick to make you eat them in a couple of days, or they taste like crap, and you go buy more.

However, I eat two Oreos a week, maybe three. Yeah, a week. (see paragraph 3 above).

My kitchen-magic:


And the end result:


Yeah, I got mad kitchen skills.

(Oh, and for the record, no I don't dunk them in milk. I'm lactose intolerant)

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