See, I *told* you. You don't listen.

My friends Two Cow Garage were featured on MSNBC in an article talking about how alt-country pioneers Son Volt, Wilco and Drive-By Truckers are moving away from the genre, then there's III ... the new album by Two Cow Garage.

Oh yes. Oh yes. OH FUCK YES.

That's good work boys.

(see, I *told* you people that III was a great fucking album. When did I say that? February 23, 2007. And you can go back, read my review here and realize that Eric knows what the fuck he's talking about.


Then summon voluptuous red-headed women to worship me accordingly.

Cause that's how I roll.

And I'm rolling up to Buffalo on May 4th to see Two Cow Garage at Mohawk Place, and into Columbus on May 12 to see Two Cow Garage at Little Brother's.)

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