Breaking rocks in the hot sun

Yeah, I fought the law(s) ... and the laws won.

Well, not The Law. Not Johnny Law. Not The Man. The 5-0. Pick your name your gang, group, ethnic background or heritage currently uses to designate police activity in the area from this list ... but be aware I didn't fight any of them.

Nope, no stainless steel bracelets; no stupid human tricks; no free ride downtown (Yeah, a DRI shout out in a blog. I'm so xhardxcorex) ... but no, nothing like that.

And despite spending a day in Dayton, I wasn't arrested (this time. And the time I was is a story for another day.)

And I didn't fight the laws of physics, either, like my previous entry about the wreck in Monroe, Ohio. Despite the wicked bad snow on the North Coast on the Egg Eve (that's the Saturday before Easter), there's nary a mark on Icey Blue.

(check this shit out - this is the wicked bad snow ... taken 2007-04-08 at 4:03 a.m. as I was driving through Geauga County. Yeah. Genius me drives from Strongsville across I-90 to Route 2 to Mentor on the Lake down Route 44 to Route 422. In an April blizzard. Cause that's how I roll ... or slide as I did a couple of times last night. Photo taken with camera phone at the car dealer at the intersection of Ohio Route 44 and US Route 322).

I did a lot of driving in the past four days, I've covered a good portion of the state of Ohio, and when I drive, I like to think. And I was thinking about the kind of woman I'm attracted to. And tried to fight myself into thinking outside my box, while driving my little blue box.

I fought with the laws of attraction. And as is always the case, the laws wons.

Because attraction is a funny thing. It's so totally subjective. Everyone has standards, everyone has wants, likes, dislikes. Everyone has that thing they need to see or feel from another person to know if they wish to go further.

For some, the eyes have it. For others, it's a smile. And while some other brothers can deny, there are those who like big butts and cannot lie. Or maybe a great rack.

But I'm the guy who looks beyond that. Not to say I don't notice a great rack, but I look for more than just a great rack. Because when you find someone physically attractive, and are then generally attracted to them, that's good. And if you're lucky, you then find there's more to the attraction than just that spark (or series of sparks) that opened the door, that's good, too.

That's the part of the attraction that I need to have - that which is beyond the physical.

And then there's other side of that. The person who you find attractive, but aren't attracted to. You like them, but not in that way.

And you wonder why.

And you wonder if you can have that beyond the physical without that spark.

I've learned Jon Landau was right when he told Bruce Springsteen during the Born In The USA recording sessions, while perusing a stack of 120+ songs, that there wasn't a hit there, because you can't start a fire without a spark.

Oh well, I'm tired of sitting around here trying to write this book. Good night. And Happy Easter to the Christians out there. Don't read the other entry until after your holiday is over.

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