Random Un-Rhetorical Questions

Cause I just feel like asking questions sometimes ... is that so wrong? (Oh, wait, you think so? Bugger off then. Be gone with ya.)


I love Chalkboard Manifesto. You should too. Because it rocks. Click here for more.

If four guys pull up to an intersection, and all four have stop signs, and all four stop at the same time ... who's from Youngstown?

Answer: The Italian guy in the Camaro.

When should jealous behavior be expected in a relationship?

Answer: Never. But certainly not after spending a mere two hours together, eh? (blank stare)

Question: What's a good acronym for attention seeking, drama llama riding, insane nutjob?

Answer: Damn, I wish I knew. So far all I've gotten is DLRASIN ... which sounds like a old person trying to get away with something ... a.k.a. a raisin on the down-low.

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