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This goes with the Photo Blog posted yesterday:

3/23 - Two Cow Garage. Yeah, it rocked. One of the best ways to end a show is with a song that just makes you scream out all you have left.

Once again, these boys showed they bring the rock. Tossing "Epitaph" out after the end of "Postcards and Apologies = genius. And damn, makes a fan wanna drive to Buffalo on May 4th. Todd May opened. I forget how much I like this dude until I see him again. He's my kind of music.

3/31 - Taylor Hicks. Now I don't watch American Idol. I don't watch much on TV to be honest with you. So I'd not heard anything he's sung. Or seen him, other than a picture or two. So I had no idea what to expect. It was a good show. Would I rush out to see him again? No. But I had a 12-year-old and a 16-year-old with me - both attending their first real concert ... so that was fun. The window-licking couple beside us that kissed, and hugged, and fought, and bitched and moaned were also entertaining. David Warren opened. If he lived in Hawaii, not Alabama, his name would have been Jack Johnson.

4/1 - Wrestlemania 23. Anytime you can go to the pinnacle event of any organization - your company's annual stockholder meeting, the World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup finals ... whatever ... take the opportunity, even if you're not a fan (and I am wrestling fan, so it was even better). Big-time over the top production, and it was worth the trip. Two quick funny crowd stories: Bought the tickets off a guy in Florida on eBay. Drove to Detroit. Sat next to two guys who bought their tickets from the same dude on eBay. And drove to Detroit. From Youngstown. Where I work ... and 10 miles from where I live. How weird is that? Second - the guy in front of me who was yelling out things to the wrestlers ... expected. Me laughing at him ... unexpected. Sorry, but when you have a speech impediment and everything you yell sounds fucked up, I have to laugh. I can't help it. I'm that evil.

4/5 - Aaron Tashjian & Friends. Driving to Oxford to see this gang was quite the adventure ... and we found a very expensive martini bar (Miami University is a money school) that had $1 PBR drafts. Fuck yeah. Hanging out with Mark Nye & Aaron and Rob Heath again ... always fun. Meeting John Kengla from Red Wanting Blue - added bonus.

The highlights:
  • Aaron singing with a tampon tied to the microphone.
  • Aaron singing "Jessie's Girl" ... or as much as he could remember.
  • Aaron singing "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones. Well.
  • Aaron singing "Missing You" from "Circus Tent Revival" ... hell yeah.
4/6 - Aaron Tashjian & Friends. Andyman's Treehouse is my favorite place to take pictures. The sound sucks. The light suck. You're literally on top of every other person in the room. And when there are those in the room who detest the fact you still walk the earth, it's even better. FUCK YEAH.

No crazy covers tonight, just good old Aaron Tashjian rock and roll. With Mando-Quinn (Quinn Fallon on mandolin) joining in.

4/6 - Quinn Fallon. Quinn opened the show with a great set of new songs and a couple of old favorites from the X-Rated Cowboys. His new solo album is nearly finished ... I can't wait to hear it.

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