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Well I'm finishing my second class now since returning to school. I know this sounds lame, but I picked my school because I won't have to take a statistics class to finish my degree ... they've accepted both of my math classes and I've met the requirement.

Statistics, to me, makes no sense. Math is math. Numbers never lie, only liars do. Statistics, however, tells you that numbers do lie. That's where I got lost. That's why I failed the course. Twice.

I don't really care about factoring probability. I don't care about the odds. As we learned from that great galactic savior Han Solo, "Never tell me the odds."

I was invited to go to New York City to do photography for Aaron Tashjian's recording sessions for his solo album. That was quite flattering. I'm going to if I can squeeze a couple of days off and make the trek ... and if I do it right, I'll be able to see two Semi Precious Weapons shows in the process ... May 11th in Pittsburgh, May 12th in NYC (or Boston, I forget). And he's offered to let me crash at his place,which is even cooler ... because when you have a free place to stay, NYC's a cool place to visit.

And I've never actually been in a recording studio, and I do love finding new adventures ...

Speaking of Aaron, last weekend my daughter and I were trying to find somewhere to bowl early on a Saturday morning ... and we found nothing open. As we're driving back into Niles hoping something would open at 11 ... Aaron's song "Firecracker" came on in the car on my MP3 mix CD. I look in the mirror, my daughter is rocking out, as nine-year-olds will, to music that has a great beat and fast tempo. I said, "Do you like this song?" She said, "Yep. Who is it?" I said, "This is my friend Aaron." About that time the chorus was over, and Aaron started on the harmonica. She said, "Is he a professional harmonica player?"

Speaking of being in the car with my daughter, and listening to music, you have to admire the timelessness of a song that you play for your daughter and she likes ... that was a song your mother played for you, and you liked. That also happened Saturday morning.

I was born in 1968; I loved listening to music and could often be found in a stack of my mom's kick-ass albums and 8-track tapes ... Jim Croce, John Denver, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel ... the good 70's music. Jim Croce, was then, and still is today, one of my all time favorite artists. He his a reason I love singer-songwriters. So on Saturday, on the MP3 mix CD I had in the car, "Photographs and Memories" came on, and I said to my daughter, "This is one of my favorite songs ever. And guess what." She said, "What?" I said, "Grandma Barb [my mom] used to play this album for me all the time when I was younger than you." She said, "This song's that old? That's cool." I said, "You like it?" She said, "It's okay." (And believe me, she'd say no if she didn't like it).

So yeah, there's something special about a song getting passed on through the generations.

And finally, in a different sort of special ... there's a local chain of restaurants out of Pittsburgh called Eat 'n Park. That's good food, and cheap. But you know they're losing their touch with what made them big (being Pittsburgh) when you see this on their Latte menu:

A double shot of decaf with 3 scoops of low carb lactose free no sugar added vanilla ice cream and a shot of sugar free Torani syrup.

Hmmm .... let's look at what's wrong with this:

1. Decaf Coffee
2. Low Carb Ice Cream
3. Lactose Free Ice Cream
4. No Sugar Added Ice Cream
5. Sugar Free Torani Syrup

Can I get a chemical compound ruling from the judges? Is this instant cancer or just enough to add five years to your life?


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Anonymous said...

You know, I'll put up with a lot of your comments and judgements and ridicules, but don't... DO NOT... diss statistics. You had a private tutor right here. :)


"Old statisticians never die they just become non significant."