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Blogs I Read:

Natalie Dee ... especially for the "Ask Natalie" posts. Best advice column ever, featuring lines like this:

"...I think that collecting action figures is something that should cease when you grow pubic hair..."


"That being said, most girls, no matter how much they like a guy, will be immediately uninterested in him should she find out that he plays for the other team. There is just not much you can work with, when you have a vagina and the boy you like prefers not-vaginas. It is 100% a deal breaker, unless you are a psycho chick, in which case you have bigger problems than trying to ungay a gay guy."

Mark Nye ... has a new blog. I miss the Sandwich Blog though.

Lawgirl ... who beat my ass at Trivia last night.

WebComics I Love

Other notes:

I'm still amazed at the things that have happened to me in 2008 ...

I have been thanked in liner notes of a CD. (Aaron Lee Tasjan)

I've had a photograph used with credit on a CD. (Paul Tabachneck ... and yes, that's my photo that's his website background, too.)

I've had a photograph used as a promotional poster for a Pat Green show in Louisiana (and, oddly enough, the photo was of Mark Nye, not Pat Green. See what happens when you steal photos you dumb ass promotions person who did that? Fortunately, Chris Skrobot managed to grab one, had Pat Green autograph it, and it is now the property of Mark Nye.)

And I just discovered today that one of the musicians I've admired and has one of my top 10 albums, ever, has a link from his website to my photos of him :D (click here and scroll to the bottom. While he didn't use my photos, he did link to them. I can't complain!)

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One Wink at a Time said...

Very impressive accomplishments :-)