Random Thoughts

So I'm on a 3-hour conference call ... yeah. Time for some random thoughts:

Quote of the day: "Using windows products is like being ass raped by a ghost. Your ass sure hurts but you just can't see where the pain is coming from."

I've recently started playing with Ubuntu (well, actually Ubuntustudio cause it has all the cool multimedia apps nerds like me dig) and I gotta tell you ... it's quite impressive. The download links for Ubuntustudio are up and down because it's getting hammered ... if you want a copy of the regular or souped up version, lemme know. It's easy load, and absolutely free, and secure and solid and an amazing operating system. If you just like to surf the web, email and do some word processing ... it's quite the thing for you.

Also started using Opera 9.2 as my primary browser on Windows ... and it rocks as well. It browses significantly faster with multimedia, chat and regular browsing than Internet Exploder 7 or Firefox ... as well as a very kick-ass thing called Speed Dial that allows you to park your favorite websites for quick loading. And all sorts of other features. And yeah, that browser on the Nintendo Wii ... that's Opera.

Have a couple of new blogs I'm reading ... trying to find some cool bands I've run across I Rock Cleveland ... and how can you not love a guy who has a podcast called "Michael Stanley Made Me Do It" ... click here for Details.

Others I'm reading:
... always good reviews, always good tunes, and all sorts of different types of music.

Little Brothers in Columbus is closing. Columbus is becoming a mecca of trendy hipster chain stores, restaurants and malls Fashion Places.

FINALLY got my allergies under control ... changed medications in November, seemed to be going well, then spring finally arrived, the blooming started, the air was pollinated and I was decimated. Took me about a week to realize how bad I was (and spent three days in my apartment without going outside sitting in front of the air conditioner or standing under a cold shower). Only problem with the old medication is I sleep about 5 hours a night. Regardless of what time I go to bed, I'm up 5 hours after I fall asleep.

Had a really bad food experience with chicken fried rice that has me back on 'safe' foods ... I had a long night of misery, pain and nausea ... ugh. It's been more than three years since I had the surgery, I still have issues with some things.

And finally, I scheduled all my elective courses to work with my required classes to finish my degree by the end of 2008! It was pretty cool ... I was able to add a bunch of interesting classes:
  • Com/301 - Proposal Writing
  • Hum/150 - Introduction to Film Studies
  • Eng/492 - American Literature Since 1860
  • Sci/151 - Astronomy
  • His/145 - The American Experience
  • His/301 - US Constitution

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