This would be funny ...

... the part highlighted in red ... the comment from vooch21 ... if it wasn't true.

Stolen from ESPN.com

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I've watched both games of the Stanley Cup Finals. And they are entertaining ... hell, Game 2 scoreless for 55 minutes ... there's NOTHING more exciting than a 0-0 hockey game, if you're a fan and understand the sport.

And the games have been fast-paced and hard-hitting, but as Vooch21 pointed out ... and it's sad to say ... the NHL blew their shot in the mid 90's at becoming the third-most-watched sport in the US and is probably ... right now ... ninth ... behind NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NCAA Basketball, the NBA, NASCAR, MMA and Poker, with soccer coming up close.

I think it's time for Gary Bettman to go back to the NBA where he came from. He's done David Stern's bidding and killed the NHL in America.

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Cindy, in cbus........ said...

*tilts head in best dumb blond impression* They're still playing hockey? Wow, little warm for that don'tcha think........doesn't the ice melt??