I soooo have a new band I like

It's no big secret I'm a huge fan of bands most have not, and will not, ever experience. And every so often I cross paths with others and we share suggestions on the best band you've not heard of. Most of the time, my band kicks the ass of their band.


My new friend Dea - a couple of times - told me to check out this band called Minus Ted. And, a couple of times, I said, sure, I'll do that, expecting, like most recommendations, for them to be marginal, at best.

Well, sitting at work on Sunday with nothing to while a server rebuilt, I pulled up their website ... and saw they had some MP3's to download ... so I did.

And ...

... in the words of the wonderfully talented and funny Mark Nye:



I have three solid rules about what constitutes the music I love:

1. I need to have good lyrics.

"And when I arrived I was alone
And looking up I heard the car door shut
And I saw the blackest sky
And before I went inside I thought
There is nothing so sweet as the opening of two hearts
In the place where fear and freedom meet."
~ River of My Day
(click to download the song)

Well, that's a solid check in the YES column.

2. I need to have a distinct sound.

There are nine other songs on their website to download ... you can decide, but since I bought both albums on iTunes, that's two solid checks in my YES column, and $20 in their pocket.

3. The simpler the better.

Check. In a big way. Wow. Great great stuff. Listen for free at their website. Then buy that shit.

Because they're three for three.

And Dea's one for one.

(For the record, I just found out that Minus Ted is lead by Skipp Sudduth ("Sully" from "Third Watch", actor/musician Brian O'Neill on vocals and guitars, Tom McGrath (percussions), Kohl Sudduth (bass) and Terry Pender (mandolin, electric leads.)

Yeah, they're in my top 20 and moving up.


Liz said...

I have to give you a hard time about finally finding Minus Ted, even though I don't know you. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!?!

I totally love Minus Ted. Being a big fan of Skipp Sudduth, from his work on Third Watch, I had reservations at first, but now, Minus Ted is on heavy rotation on my IPod. I don't think there isn't anything about this band I don't like. I've bought 2 copies of really really and Hope + Damage Revisited and have told folks "You gotta listen"...most have listened and most of the most have become fans.

Barbara said...

Minus Ted got a Fan Page and a new album is on the way!!!
They'll do a gig at the Livingroom NY, 154 Ludlow Street, on December, 9th.