Merry Christmas, You're Fired

So a couple of months ago I had a couple of great postings about the director of corporate learning and constantly changing training sessions that had me working way harder than should have to. To sum it up quickly (and yes, I can be brief [deadpan stare]) ... Training was set to begin on a Wednesday, she moved it up to 1 p.m. Tuesday ... and let me know at 5:46 p.m. on a Monday, after I had left the office, by sending me an email. The only reason the training was good to go was I couldn't sleep Monday night so I was at work early Tuesday and saw the email. I wasn't planning on coming to work that day until noon because I had to stay late & setup for training. So she got lucky.

Then she bitched to me and my boss about how bad the machines were, how things didn't work and how users weren't really well trained. Basically, the machines weren't properly loaded because I had planned on reloading them before the training started. Her moving the training without notifying me meant no re-load on the machines because of the time crunch.

Well ... she got axed.

The company I work at (not for, at, one of the joys of being an "outsourced service on a 10-year-contract" is the ability to realize you're glad you don't work for the company you work at, and walk away) has a history of giving pink slips for Christmas. In 2001 they axed 13 people two weeks before Christmas, on a Friday, and then had a corporate Christmas party the following night.

Yeah, that went over well.

So the next year, they axed another 10 or so, again, in early December. And it brought back all the bitching about cost cutting people while keeping holiday parties grief that reigned the year before. So they canceled the Christmas party. Unfortunately, they canceled after the allowable date, so they ended up paying for the party, but not having it.

In 2003 ... no party.

In 2004 ... they decided on a family picnic at the end of summer. The only problem? They booked it too late, and the only only available date was September 11, which hit some people the wrong way.

This year the picnic was in August ... so they're learning.

But there were still a couple of Christmas pink slips ... one to the director of corporate learning ... who had been with the company 20 years, but she should have seen it coming.

Oh well ... looks like next time there's training I'll be teaching them to play solitaire. (Yes, she did that ... and yes, it's actually legit. Wanna know why Solitaire has been part of every Windows build since the GUI was introduced in 3.0? To teach you how to use a mouse. Now today's blog has been educational, too.)

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