Look For Me ... On TV

Heading up to Cleveland Browns Stadium for the Browns / Steelers game today ... doubt you'll see me, though ... I'm way off in the distance, upper deck ... but hey, I'm in the building.

It's one of the Christmas presents for my ex-wife's oldest son ... he wanted to go to a Steelers game ... and to be honest, I have no desire to go to Pittsburgh to see a game with 45,000 drunken idiots who have been wanting - no, expecting - no, demanding "one for the thumb" since 1981 ... um, yeah, the Steelers were super during the 70's ... unfortunately, the average sports fan in Pittsburgh has yet to realize that was 25 years ago.

So I did the next best thing ... decided to go to Browns Stadium ... besides, the place is easier to get to, has better parking, and odds are he'll get to see his team win because the Browns pretty much suck this year.

Hope your Christmas Eve is fun!

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