I was attacked by a Croc

Or maybe it was an alligator.

I don't know the difference (duh, it's right here ... thanks Google!)

Okay, so I looked there and still don't know whether it was an alligator or crocodile. Based on the fact it was in the mid-30's last night in Columbus (That's Thursday, Dec. 29, 2005) for those who read this in the future), and the fact that most alligators are afraid of humans, and don't really live in the midwest well, I'm going with a crocodile.

And it was pretty big, so I'm gonna say, in my best Steve Irwin voice, that beauty must be one of those African Nile crocodiles based on the size o' that jaw.

My favorite part of the article linked above ...


The answer is yes. Alligators are actually NOT known for being aggressive toward man unless nesting or unexpectedly disturbed, but crocodiles do and have killed humans if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Crocodilians are territorial, and males will defend their territory from intruders, be it man or beast. The Nile crocodiles are known for the large number of human fatalities they cause every year.

It’s best never to approach one, even for a good “shot” with a camera. They can be very fast, even on land, and if you are in crocodile or alligator territory, it’s advisable never to linger on a bank or decide to go for a swim. They are the masters of disguise, and usually are never seen until it’s too late.

Someone should have told this guy that before he decided to pose for the picture. Hindsight ... as always ... 20/20.

(HA! Gotcha)

Yeah, Kara & I went to the Columbus Zoo last night for the Christmas lights. Lauren was supposed to join us but is still kinda sick

Here are some other pictures ...

Kara With RedeyeKara With Redeye Fixed (so her beautiful baby blues shine through)Kara at the Aquarium
Kara with Redeye • Kara with Redeye Fixed • Kara at the Aquarium

Eric & a SnowmanKara loves (fake) GiraffesOlympus Night Mode Rawks
Eric & A Snowman • Kara loves (fake) Giraffes) • Olympus Night Mode is Cool

Tonight it's X-Rated Cowboys at the Treehouse for the Eve of New Year's Eve party ... and tomorrow ... at Oldfield's ... Kara & I are rocking in 2006 with the boys from Watershed.

Hope you all have a great weekend ... and ring in the new year in style!

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