Random Thoughts #1

  • There is no I in team, but there is a ME

  • There are three I’s in Multiple Personality Disorder.

  • Miscellaneous has all five common vowels.

  • Ultrarevolutionaries contains all five common vowels, twice.

  • The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. The Word is the single-funniest segment on television. Period. Word.

  • The trailer for “The Ringer” that shows Johnny Knoxville’s character training … especially the character who says, “I can count to Potato.”

  • The fact that Black-Eyed Peas changed “Let’s Get Retarted” to “Let’s Get It Started” to make money. Sellouts.

  • That ESPN bowed to the money and prestige by dumping PlayMakers because the NFL though it put them in a bad light. Um, yeah, because we all know that NFL jocks are frickin’ choir boys. (This from a league that mandates daily injury reports so the bookies can make the lines right for the games this weekend).

  • ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown can show hits on Jacked Up where the player got up and walked away, but not one where he was injured. This ain't the ballet.

  • The fact the FCC won’t all advertisers to show toilet paper next to the toilet in ads for toilet paper. But you can rub it on your face to show how soft it is.

  • The fact that you can say SHIT without getting beeped when referring to stuff, but not to, well, poop (which is a funny word, always). Kinda like in the South Park "It" episode where they said shit 137 times, but were beeped twice. And how Mr. Garrison said he could say FAG without getting beeped because he's gay, but Ned got beeped because he wasn't gay and said FAG.)

  • The fact that 1.5 seconds of Janet Jackson’s boob caused a conservative backlash that forced Howard Stern to satellite radio (and I’m not a Stern fan by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t need to hear anybody talk about themselves that much). The fact it wasn’t even totally exposed yet caused the above. Let’s be real? Ever seen European television? Yeah, boobs & butts are routine. Sexuality isn’t hidden, like it is in America. Oh, yeah, that’s right, we were founded by puritans. Well, that was 400 years ago. We’ve evolved. Breasts are beautiful things and should be shown on my television. Often.

  • The fact that yesterday, on Air America Radio, some liberal guy was complaining about how the media is biased against liberal candidates.

  • The fact that yesterday, on Rush Limbaugh, Rush was complaining about how the media is biased against conservative candidates.

  • The fact that Blockbuster has for rental the first season of that groundbreaking urban comedy '227'. Does anyone, anywhere, need to see Jackee at her peak, in the stunning clarity that DVD brings?

  • The Dispatch, in today’s People in the News (by people they mean Celebrity people) has an article about how Jack Black brags about being drunk and on Ecstasy and going on a crazy rampage while filming King Kong, and then two briefs later, talks about the death of Mitch Hedberg from an overdose of heroin and cocaine. Um, ah, drugs are bad, kids, M-kay? Unless they make you funnier. Then they're good.

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