Today's The Day

March 4, 2008.

Today is a big day. A very big day.

I can't believe it's here already.

My mind is already made up though.

As if, for me, there really could be any other choice.

Sure, maybe today, making your selection, you might want to try and go back and recapture the magic of the early 90's ...

Sure, you might want to go old school and stay very very conservative ...

But for me, today, without a doubt, there only was one choice.

And sure, it might be a bit of a change from the past, but I'm hopeful ... and looking forward to this whole new experience.

I'm really hopeful.


Right now, as I type, I'm downloading the new Kathleen Edwards CD "Asking For Flowers." (iTunes has a bonus track called "Lazy Eye" ... yay iTunes!)

Can't wait to listen to it.

(Oh, were you expecting something else?)

(Oh, yeah, today is Election Day in a couple of places. Sorry. New Music Tuesday and Election Day all in one. Double bonus!)

Go vote Ohioans! And Texans! And Vermonters! And Rhode Islanders! (And you Rhode Islanders - grab me a Dunkin on your way back!)

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