Random Weird Thoughts

Last week I spent the week in Florence, Kentucky, in a a hotel with an even-numbered room.

This week I am in spending the week in Florence, Kentucky, in a hotel with an odd-numbered room.

Everything's backwards. It's weird. I should have requested an even-numbered room. I ran into this once before ... just makes it hard to have any continuity ...

My daughter is going to be TEN on Thursday. I'm stunned by that. In a good way. She's adorable, and smart and fun ... and quick-witted on the comebacks. She gets all that from her Mom :-" (that's the whistling emoticon!)

Had a great weekend of music - Ryan Cox, Willie Phoenix, Snowblynd, Downplay, Philo, Bullet Jones and Red Wanting Blue ... will have pics of most posted this week.

I have to say, Bullet Jones puts on a show like no other - they called it Le Circque ... and featured stilt-walkers, painted women, popcorn, cotton candy, the Cheddar Boyz rapping between acts to keep the crowd entertained ... and the rock was amazing. The Bar of Modern Art (BoMA) is beautiful ... and sounds great. Having that many people in the building to see a band that good was amazing!

The only thing worse than personal drama is work drama. Ugh.

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