Oh no they *)#%$ didn't

Scanning the globe to give you the constant variety of news you probably won't read, part 32:

  • Yet another reason I'm glad I don't live in California. I'd be in some serious fucking trouble if I lived in a town you couldn't curse in.

  • If you die in Sarpourenx, France, you will be punished. No, not by the invisible man in the sky. And not for being French (which is reason enough for me). You die, you will be punished. By the mayor.

  • Uh, now we know what kind of bush was burning up on the mount, eh?

  • Wow. Vermont is quite the interesting place these days. Gay marriages? Obama for President? And arrest warrants for Bush & Cheney for crimes against the constitution?

  • Uh, cops turning down donuts? Another dumb criminal story!

  • In a world beset by terrorists, war, famine and other threats against humanity, New Jersey residents are fighting like cats and dogs over cats and birds.

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